莉莉安米. 哈德斯佩思纪念医院




莉莉安米. 哈德斯佩思纪念医院

最初由Patricia Craig Johnson编译

莉莉安·M. 哈德斯佩思纪念医院是Roy H. Hudspeth, 萨顿县牧场主, 作为对他妻子的致敬, 莉莲·马多克斯·哈德斯佩思, 谁死于1946年. In 1947, 他提出为一家医院提供一半的资金, 如果萨顿县的居民捐出另一半. The community had long felt the need for a hospital and eagerly accepted his offer. 建造一座价值50万美元的设施的计划正在进行中.

Roy Hudspeth died in 1948, after the hospital was incorporated, but before construction had begun. 除了他最初的捐款, 他在遗嘱中留下一块20公顷的牧场作为医院的捐赠基金. 1951年7月1日,两个故事的莉莲M. HUDSPETH纪念医院开业了.

多年来,这家医院为社区服务得很好. In September of 1970, a one story 39 bed Nursing 博彩平台排名 was added to the original building. An active Women’s Auxiliary furnished many amenities for hospital patients and nursing home residents.

但是时代变了. After the deaths of the two family doctors who had presided over the hospital for so many years, 在这个农村地区招募年轻医生几乎是不可能的. 当她们来的时候,她们并不想生孩子. For financial and medical-legal reasons it was impractical for surgeons and anesthesiologists to continue to come from San Angelo to perform operations in the Hudspeth surgery. The production of oral anti-biotics did away with the necessity of hospitalization for round-the- clock injections, and government regulations mandated the length of time a patient could stay in the hospital. 病人的数量减少到几乎没有了.

Hudspeth医院, 从来都不是营利性机构, 靠农场的收入能活下去吗, 但多年来赤字不断累积.

In 1986, the hospital was $650,000 in debt and the ranch had exhausted its borrowing power. 必须采取一些行动. There were two options; close the hospital, 或者创建一个医院区, 谁有征税的权力. A number of persons clamored for a third option; sell the ranch.

This, however, was never really an option because it would only postpone the inevitable. The sale of the ranch would pay off the current debt and provide operating capital for a few years. When that money was exhausted, the original two options would again have to be faced.

大多数人反对增税, 但他们也不希望萨顿县没有初级保健. At the polls they voted overwhelmingly for a Hospital District which added 10 cents per $100 evaluation to their taxes. 自1986年以来, the board of the Hospital District has returned twice to the Texas Legislature to increase the tax cap, 现在的价格是每100美元75美分.

The board of directors of the newly created Sutton County Hospital District took over the management of Hudspeth医院. 原来哈德斯佩思医院公司的受托人, 被称为公司董事会, 这家医院以前是谁经营的, 不再有医院可以运营. These trustees then petitioned the Attorney General of the State of Texas to make a ruling as to the disposition of the trust’s assets, i.e.,牧场. 经司法部长和公司董事会同意, 区域法院作出宣告性判决. 在本质上, 判决允许公司董事会保留牧场, 所有收入, 除了维持牧场所需的钱, 用于抵偿债务. 在债务还清之后, 这笔收入将用于医院必要的基本改造, 意想不到的费用.

In 2001, 面对一个老化的物理植物, the Board of Directors began to develop the plans to replace the hospital with a new state-of-the-art hospital.

Plans were to complete the construction of the facilities without increasing taxes or incurring debt. In early 2004 through operational capital, grant funds and assistance from the Hudspeth Ranch. 新5号的建设开始了.两百万美元的急救医院和健康中心.

Construction was complete in summer of 2005 and patients and staff moved into the new facility with amenities and technology never before available in Sonora. The new facility included complete digital imaging, multi-slice helical scanner, ultrasound and PACS. 该实验室的规模扩大了两倍,并配备了最先进的分析仪. The emergency department has five beds with bed-side monitoring connected through a wireless telemetry system that also monitors the twelve private acute-care beds. 除了急症医院外,卫生保健中心也开业了. 健康中心包括健身设施, 室内游泳池, 有氧设施,会员淋浴和储物柜设施. 除了健身区, the Center includes a physical therapy department with dedicated wound care and a cardiac and pulmonary rehab department.

Hudspeth医院 continues to serve the community after six decades and continues to advance the mission and vision by installing complete electronic health records in 2006 and completed three residential properties for professional recruitment and purchasing eight apartments in 2008 and 2009. 这些物业使招聘的总住房机会达到13个.

6的构造.200万美元8200平方英尺的核磁共振设施, GI实验室/程序空间和乳房x光检查于2010年10月完成. 诊断中心为包括心脏病在内的专科诊所提供服务, 神经外科, 肾内科和骨科. 该设施包括妇女成像和GI套房. Womens imaging suites includes digital mammography, ultrasound and breast capable MRI.

2010年10月1日,医院实施专家随叫随到. SOC provides teleneurology services to support Sonora attending physicians in treating patients with stroke. This service coupled with the 64 slice helical CT scanner allows for early intervention and the use of clot buster drugs in reversing or limiting the effects of stroke.

In August 2011 萨顿县紧急医疗服务 transitioned from a mostly volunteer service to a full time advanced life support service. The partnership between Sutton County and The Hospital District allows for this leap in EMS service. The operations will be managed by the Hospital District and both 911 and non-emergency transportion is available.

2012年,我们每条不断增长的服务线上都增加了两个新项目. 四月,运动医学加入了我们的康复服务. Two atletic trainers provide care and prevention to the Sonora ISD and surrounding county schools. 这个项目整合了当地的医务人员, 拜访整形外科医生, 健康中心 and the physicial therapy staff to reduce and minimize athletic injuries. In addition to school activities the staff are available for consultation to weekend warriors as well.

8月1日, 2012, 萨顿县紧急医疗服务, Hospital and 亚洲博彩平台排名 began offering services through the Community Paramedic Program. The Community Paramedic Programs offers services to our patient in their home that range from safety and preventive services to health monitoring and medication reconcilliation. These services are provided free to the community and utilize the EMS personnel through a multidiciplinary quality program. The goal of the program is to improve compliance with health issues like diabetes and heart disease and to prevent falls, 不必要的急诊和再入院.

Administration and staff continue to plan the future by providing the latest medical technology to the citizens and travelers in this region of Texas.


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